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January 9, 2023
reclining TCTSY - noticing rhythm

Welcome movers! This week's moved to heal practice is part # in a seven-part series of reclining forms. The theme is noticing rhythm.   Listen to "#6 Reclining TCTSY Series - Creating Rhythms"   About the Reclining Series Each episode in this series uses the same sequence of forms and movements (listed below) with a […]

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Moved to Heal is a podcast of trauma-sensitive movement and yoga practices. In each practice episode, I'll remind you that you have choices in your movements; invite you to notice things like breath, feeling, and movement; and celebrate healing through movement, one practice at a time.

I created Moved to Heal as a space for movement when you need it. As a podcast, there are no visuals to copy, no required location or attire, you can engage with the movement offerings from where you are, exactly as you are.

Feel free to email me with questions anytime.

a space for you

Moved to Heal is meant to be an inclusive space. I'm always open to ideas for how to do this better for you. My hope is that the podcast helps you spend time moving your body, making choices, and building awareness.

As part of the awareness building, you might choose to take some time after the practice to record what you noticed, perhaps in a journal or as a voice memo. If you prefer to leave what you notice in the time and space of the practice, that's perfect, too.

The practices are offered through a trauma-sensitive or trauma-informed yoga approach, which I believe is useful for anyone it speaks to, because we all need to heal from hurts at some point in our lives.

If you're a trauma survivor and working with a therapist or counselor, I encourage you to discuss your Moved to Heal experiences with them when you're ready.

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